Wednesday, December 5, 2018


sometimes I just want to write nonsense
like "the soda capsules pop twice daily/when riding a run of nylon"
there's something oddly comforting about that
it has nothing to do with sense
nothing to do with work
it is its' own separate animal
"a lion separates zoos with a postal pick pocket"
oh yes.  and there's something satisfying about too much alliteration
it's like you can't use too much of a good thing, or good becomes bad
but what about "the corner store locks its' fridge at midnight"
well that assumes some direction, some possible following verse like
"abby turned the other way and frowned at its' contents"
which makes you wonder
did abby look into the fridge before midnight and was offended by its' contents?
or is it something else?  it's really rather vague
but does it matter?
sure it matters, if you care about it
it's not so much the nonsense that I care about
as it is wanting my mind to take a vacation at the end of a long work day
nonsense is just the medium for doing so
if I say "the brick bat hit the cataract to see if it could grab a ball"
it begs the question what is that line trying to do?
how should I read into that
the answer is
just close your eyes and take in whatever you like
you'll feel better that way

denis streeter   12/5/18

Wednesday, November 21, 2018


my poem looks at me and says,
"please just kill me.  put me out of my misery. you've been writing the same fucking shit for years and haven't learned your lesson.  your poetry has no plot, no point, no direction.  just a collection of nonlinear with the occasional clever line or new word.  you're giving me a headache.  there should be a law against using the alphabet that way.  but you.  you've broken all the rules, and not in a good way.  you rationalize it as stream of consciousness.  oh there's the thought.  oh there it's gone.  i give up.  i can't follow where your mind is going.  you do have the occasional clever new word, but so what!  no follow through.  if you can't follow it, what do you expect me to do?  please just start over.  give attention. a sleeveless mind is an empty body?  really?  what the fuck.  how did that get in there?  streaming.  oh yeah.  good for music but not for me.  start over.  you really need to..."

denis streeter    11/21/18

Saturday, November 17, 2018

the pretense

chandelier littered sky oft in disguise
laboring beleaguered blossoms
bitter fruit balks petal pattered past
linked shutters blister on
disappointing fingerlings long on swelling days
valleys breezing gerted flight
halter bones shape literal trace horizons
seamless thumbs thread pineless bones
pone beyond name shape reveal
mites marking dust stone fragments
testaments scribble faltered confession
walking riding scribing in tongues
lessons lister blistered churnings
abuzz horn blessed freetle blossoms
Joshua baffles in confides
chicanery chick clapboard cupboard
confines listless abundant pine
storms steam seamless signs
grace peaks shadows and knows

denis streeter   11/17/18

Thursday, October 18, 2018

How to make lion roar capsules

1)  Take one lion roar
2)  Run it through a grammophone
3)  Attach it to an air compressor
4)  Fill empty capsule

Doesn't make sense?

Google lion roar capsule
to uncover this mystery. 

Denis Streeter   10/18/18

Sunday, September 30, 2018

lend me your ears

the mooring was loose and splintered with chaos
there was no jack and jill, or maybe there was
maybe they did go tumbling ever after
it was a sad state of affairs for both
it was a sad state of affairs for partisan leadership
if god is for us, who is against us
and whose god would that be
who will cast the first stone
no one really knows, but
it will be cast by both sides
it already is
each side its' lobbed lobby
how does each side deal with the pain
let's lose this confirmation and start again
maybe it will be a resurrection for both parties
I don't know
I doubt it
the next person will be another story
of partisan bickering
the truth will out eventually
but does it matter
it doesn't stand a prayer
but maybe it does
maybe it's all that's left

denis streeter   9/30/18

Sunday, September 2, 2018


there are two versions.  one is my first draft.  the second is pared back to only 8 lines with the help of my best friend.  there could be any number of versions.

the sex was normal for ice cream               1
wrapping the diner for dinner     
the vegetables were dining room table   
chicken spread dumplings on fire        2
salmon fries French Hammond 
an artichoke of beer and hare        3
beef it out to beat a pair
dutch pudding posing as extract
an onion reading muffin burn
too many sandwiches to count       4
over tadpole nutrition
suckers of lollypops dress down cabinets
watch the toothache burn           5
sutures beyond repair
the scene beyond control
butter bat pried on fire              6
too fat the cataract said the cat
not enough bone on the scone said the rat
the sun laughed at the cat rat folly
soon, she said, soon
but it was already noon
there was no hopscotch on the pavement  
the stones were dry.  it didn't matter                  7
the sun still had a laugh
it didn't matter 'bout the math
sooner or later the dust always falls            8
the traffic turns empty
bog turns to fog
the frog turns away

denis streeter   9/1/18

Thursday, August 30, 2018

careful with the pillows

flies at the flophouse
let them in
covered in gravy and pie
chopped and laced in rye
before they got panned
over in a minute
flour put out the fire
anise seed stewed
but that was another
hole in the middle
a comical fair
one glued to another
kept watch at bay
one fool at a time
why do we wait
a song on the toe and a hairspring tie?
you're entitled to know
as long as you wait
that cottage grove feels fine
singing beneath the rafters
a job well done
floating toes refining prose
a dress rehearsal
straying bay of steeples
the logorithms bray
reaching kitchen corners
blankets in repose
forgone conclusions
alphabet all night
long for tomorrow
guess for today
but that's not happening
longing for tea
the breeze took over
take out the stew and run
it's always better that way

denis streeter   8/30/18